Going Places

Photo by @pleshkova on Instagram

Every night I start my day
by going to bed

On Mondays, I’m in college,
Back to sipping iced-tea between lectures
And scribbling numbers to make up my assignments just before the deadline hour

On Tuesdays, I’m in school,
Stealing every possible chance to sneak to the corner of the class so I and my gang can play truth and dare

On Wednesdays, I’m in the pool,
Pretending to be floating in outer space with my eyes closed and my back against the water.

On Thursdays, I’m at grandma’s,
Consuming entire jars of peanut butter while watching grandma’s favorite TV show with her

On Fridays, I’m on a date,
Holding hands and sharing pine-orange ice cream on our walk along the lake’s border

On Saturdays, I’m on a trip,
Dancing in the backseat to the songs I’ve been adding to my travel playlist since forever.

On Sundays, I struggle to sleep,
Because every Sunday I realize that I’m stuck in this cycle of going places
And waking up to find that I’m actually stranded inside this four-walled desert forever

The next Monday
I start my day by going to bed
Yet Again




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