A-Difference A-Similarity

“Difference in color”
Is a difference
But so is a difference
In everything else that we are

A difference in how tall we measure
A difference in our ability to speak up
A difference in the places we go to
A difference in how much you and I can spend
A difference in what exists between our thighs
A difference that is deep-seated in the blood that flows through our veins
Isn’t it?

You and I
Are different
But more than different
We are similar

I breathe in the air you breathe out, and so do you
I have a heart that beats and often gets hurt, so do you
I experience pain when I feel out of place, so do you
I love myself a little more when I’m praised, so do you
I cried when I came into this world, so did you
And I’ll certainly have a tear in my eye when I’m about to go, so will you
Won’t you?



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